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Cars and Coffee LA – May 21, 2011

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the end all be all of Cars and Coffee events in Irvine, CA this weekend. This show is consistently great and this weekends was no exception. Present at this weeks show were a Lamborghini LM002, Aston Martin DB6, VF Engineering LP560-4, Citroen DS and a brand new Aston Martin Virage, which looks stunning in person, even in the obnoxious orange.


Lamborghini LP560-4, tuned by VF engineering.



Jaguar XKE Coupe



Porsche 912




Porsche Carrera GT



BMW e60 M5



Aston Martin DB6



Citroen DS, one of my personal favorites



Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior Zagato



Shelby Cobra Daytona (Superformance replica?)



Lamborghini LM002, the Rambo Lambo!



Ferrari 599GTB



C1 Corvette with some vintage Brits





When I first saw photos of the new Aston Martin Virage online I was skeptical. To me it looked way too much like the DB9. When you see the car in person all the subtle differences become more apparent and the car manages to set itself apart from it's brothers, the DB9 and the DBS. Even in the garish orange color this example was painted in, the car looked stunning.

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  1. Brian

    That’s a Shelby CSX9000-series Daytona Coupe (#98) in the 11th photo above.

    It’s not one of the original six Daytona Coupes built in the 1960s, but is a modern “continuation series” car from the new Shelby American. It is built in South Africa by the same people who produce Superformance replicas. In fact Superformance stopped selling its own Daytona Coupe in favour of supplying Shelby with the CSX9000 cars.

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