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Deserted Benzes

My friend Keith (owner of these gorgeous Benzes) invited me out to see a few cars he was buying.

_DSC5561 EDIT_12417505525_l

_DSC5471 EDIT_12418025244_l


Not the usual shiny stuff you might find in his shop, these cars have been sitting outside since the 80s!


_DSC5495 EDIT_12418016714_l

_DSC5501 EDIT_12418015684_l

_DSC5475 EDIT_12418024004_l

_DSC5494 EDIT_12418017714_l

_DSC5549 EDIT_12417511965_l

_DSC5525 EDIT_12417519735_l

_DSC5490 EDIT_12418020954_l

_DSC5512 EDIT_12418012084_l

_DSC5519 EDIT_12417521725_l

_DSC5521 EDIT_12417664963_l

_DSC5491 EDIT_12418019064_l


The unfortunate reality with cars like the 300SEL  is that they're prohibitively expensive to restore due to their early luxurious features, particularly the air suspension. These cars will most likely be serving as parts cars bringing new life to future projects.


_DSC5574 EDIT_12417504545_l

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