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I have been doing a lot of watch work lately for various outlets so I thought I'd make a post here with samples and links to all of it.

First, one of my favorite things I got to do in Monterey this year: Shooting an MB&F HM5 with a Lamborghini Miura, the car that inspired its design. Thanks to Watch-Anish and Watchonista for making it happen!





HM5 Miura 002 2


HM5 Miura 011


HM5 Miura 014



This next set also took place during my visit to Monterey. I went to Fourtane in Carmel, CA to meet with Eric Ku and take photos of an array of fine vintage watches, mostly Rolex.




_DSC5408 EDI






I also shot some images for the new line of watches from Autodromo.




AD Proto Chrono 02


AD Proto Chrono 06


AD Proto Chrono 19


While this next one isn't a picture of a watch, it is watch related. Rolex chose to use one of  my images in an ad this summer for the Daytona and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports reunion. Here's a scan of the ad from the back cover of Autoweek:


Rolex Ad


Last but of course not least, we have the images I took for HQ Milton while I was in San Francisco this summer. I've never seen so many vintage Rolexes in one place! The post with the rest of the images is not up yet but I'll update it here when its available.






_DSC3130 EDIT2


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