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Copperstate 1000 2015 – Day 4

Continuing my posts from last year's Copperstate Rally, here are the photos from day 3.


Sedona to Sedona, in chronological order:

KOB_5690 EDIT KOB_5705 EDIT KOB_5712 EDIT KOB_5854 EDIT KOB_5862 EDIT KOB_5866 EDIT KOB_5887 EDIT KOB_5910 EDIT KOB_5920 EDIT KOB_5955 EDIT KOB_5957 EDIT KOB_5962 EDIT KOB_5971 EDIT KOB_5975 EDIT KOB_5996 EDIT KOB_6018 EDIT KOB_6023 EDIT KOB_6064 EDIT KOB_6077 EDIT KOB_6131 EDIT KOB_6150 EDIT KOB_6151 EDIT KOB_6174 EDIT KOB_6181 EDIT KOB_6192 EDIT KOB_6195 EDIT KOB_6207 EDIT_1 KOB_6229 EDIT KOB_6235 EDIT KOB_6252 EDIT KOB_6269 EDIT

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