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Monterey 2011 – Day 1

I don't really know what to say about this year's Monterey Car Weekend other than it was awesome. The photos can do the talking.

This LP670-4 was the first real spot of the day.

I always love seeing the classics on the road, like this Ferrari 250.

This Morgan Aero Supersport was at the Pacific Grove show/parade on Lighthouse Ave. I saw this very car on the way in to Monterey but didn't get a good shot of it.

Still not sure what this car was all about. The extra S was grafted on the badge. Looked good apart from the wheels though!

A mosquito hood ornament... Not sure which car this was attached to, I think it might've been an old MG TD or something.

Can never get enough of the Gullwing.

Still not sure this car was real. I've heard mixed reviews. Looked great though!

After the Lighthouse Avenue show it was off to Ocean Ave in Carmel to watch the endless parade of nice cars coming through.

Another classic Ferrari 250 variant, I think this one is an SWB of some sort.

Red 360 Challenge stradale with another one just behind it, and behind that was a Ferrari Lusso, one of my personal favorite classic Ferrari's.

I love the color combo on this car.

Ferrari Lusso.

One of many 458's present this weekend.

Rolls Royce "China Eye" (I'm not a racist, that's what they called it) Drophead parked just behind the 458.

Ford GT with ugly rims and generally ugly modifications from Phoenix.

The only 599 GTO I saw this weekend that I got decent photos of sadly...

After seeing a small parade of Veyrons slip down a side street I was disappointed to see just this one drive by closer to me.

There were lots of SLS's out this weekend, I was pretty ok with that.

After showing on Lighthouse Ave all the cars come through for a parade up Ocean Avenue. These old ambulances were the leaders of the parade.

Personal favorite of mine but I'm a little biased.

All the cars lined up before the actual parade sets off.

Monterey brings a great variety of exotics.

Not sure if this C-type was real or not...

There must have been at least 100 F430s in Monterey this weekend.

Pretty tastefully modified 458.

I <3 Miura's.

That does it for Day 1! Day 2 will be coming soon with photos from the historic races at Laguna Seca, and more from Ocean Ave!

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  1. Stephany

    I agree – that Ford GT looked terrible with those modifications. Ugh. I love the looks of those cars but that one was butchered.

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